There are orthodontics clinics established in Dentopol to get you beautiful teeth. Orthodontic dentists at these clinics offer solutions with the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

Which treatments are applied in Dentopol Ortaligner Clinic?

There are orthodontics clinics established in Dentopol to get you beautiful teeth. Orthodontic dentists at these clinics offer solutions with the most appropriate treatment plan for you.
The most contempory treatment applied in Dentopol Orthodontics clinic is OrtAligner. With the Ortaligner application, transparent aesthetic devices are used to have beautiful teeth without wearing braces. Unlike traditional braces that remain in place, Ortaligner uses a custom-made removable appliance that gradually aligns teeth.

What is Ortaligner?

Ortaligner is an alternative orthodontic method to the traditional metal brackets and archwire. It is an important alternative treatment for patients who cannot be treated because of the unpleasant appearance of the metal brackets. OrtAligner plates are made from a highly transparent, almost invisible material made of transparent medical plastic, firmly placed on the teeth.

Can I see how will be my teeth after the treatment?

Yes, you can see in advance the final result of your teeth before starting the treatment. With 3D technology program we will show you the simulation of your treatment. You can see how your teeth will move and how they will be when the treatment is over, in the digital environment before the treatment.

What are the advantages compared to traditional metal braces treatments?

Being an aesthetic method is the main reason for choosing Ortaligner. The longer intervals of control are also a great convenience for foreign and out-of-city patients. There are no wounds or irritations on the cheeks and lips that are caused by brackets and archwires used in the traditional method. There is no risk of gum problems, such as tooth decay that can occur around the brackets. You can easily eat, brush your teeth and use a dental floss because it is removable. You can take off it when you want, nobody will understand your orthodontic treatment, that is why you will not have troubles in your social life and you will not change your life style. The placement and gripping is easier than the metal braces especially for people having a lot of bridges and crowns.

There are other brands coming from abroad with different names. What’s different with Ortaligner?

First of all, OrtAligner is 100% domestic production. There are many advantages of being like this. The price is much more affordable. You do not have to go abroad to get your measurements and waiting for the plates that will be produced in minimum 1 month. With OrtAligner your plates will be produced in approximately 1 week. In case of breakage and loss that may occur when you use your plates, it will take a short time for the new to be produced and delivered to you. So you will not have any interruptions in your treatment. These times are longer in the other brands coming from abroad.

How long does the Ortaligner treatment take?

It depends on the degree of tooth defect. Active treatments may last between 3 months and 15 months.

How should I take care after the treatment?

When your active treatment is finished, a special twisted wire called Retainer is affixed to the invisible inner parts of the teeth. We advise you to be careful with the food you have eaten by avoiding to bite this, to use more careful brushing around the retainer and to use an interface brush.

Service Process Details

Treatment process, planning and outcomes may vary from person to person. The figures in the table are average values.

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  • Treatment time
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  • Full Recovery
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